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The Game of Life Increases Your Faith Level

People everywhere are playing games on the social media sites. Candy Crush is one of the favorites. Doctors, lawyers, bankers, stay at home moms, secretaries, teachers and athletes all play. I admit it, I play it as well.  I’m on … Continue reading

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Bring Every Need to the Lord

I woke up this morning fully expecting to see at least some white stuff on the ground. But to my surprise there’s no precipitation happening, nor did any happen overnight here. The weather centers keep saying we are going to … Continue reading

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Pour Yourself a Full Measure of God’s Love This Day

As I was putting dishes up last night I remembered just how many coffee cups we have. The collection of cups from my parents is intermingled with our own. There are cups from motorcycle dealerships, Disney World, various vacations, scripture … Continue reading

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Are You Learning Your Lines from the Right Script?

You may think I’m an early bird, but I’ve been watching some of the Hallmark Christmas movies already. I love everything about Christmas – the tinsel, the glitter, the scents and the sounds. I also love all the various Christmas … Continue reading

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Do You Understand the Lord?

Over the course of my life I’ve heard this phrase used often and in many different ways: “Do you understand me?” There’s the plaintiff cry of a child who is trying to tell you something. They’re hoping you get it. … Continue reading

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