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How to Pass a Stress Test

Yesterday my husband had a stress test.  As we headed to the hospital we discussed what we hadn’t told one another – we were stressed about it! Danny and I have been incredibly fortunate to have very little illness and … Continue reading

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Were You On a Roll?

As I reached into the deep recesses of my purse to find the office key a penny fell out. I bent to pick it up but it was rolling. So I followed it! It kept rolling until it hit a … Continue reading

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God Hears

Our pastor shared about giving blood this week-end. He and his wife usually go to Hope to give blood since it’s the closest place. But this time they went to a blood drive in Hot Springs, which is 75 miles … Continue reading

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Your Strength is in the Lord’s Word

As I went to the shortest checkout line available I found myself behind a man with a nice large pistol on his hip. It was pearl handled and the man wore jeans and a plaid shirt.  I was a little … Continue reading

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Jesus is Your Key to Entrance and Favor!

Yesterday I came home from work and as I drove into the driveway I noticed a scooter in front of the garage and then I spied a pair of little boy’s sandals inside the garage.  As I got out of … Continue reading

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