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Looking for Refuge?

A few days ago a friend posted that it was a family anniversary. Just one year ago they were given the news that their daughter had lymphoma. They were broken hearted as their world literally stood still.  Yet one year … Continue reading

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God Doesn’t Just Patch Things Up!

“Can’t we just glue it?” is a question I’ve asked Danny often! I hate it when something special breaks. Recently I broke one of my favorite coffee cups. The handle broke right off! It’s special because one of my daughters … Continue reading

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Are You Straining at the Fence?

One of my mother’s favorite authors is Erma Bombeck. She was hilarious! She was a great laugher, a lot like Barbara Johnson.  One of Erma’s books was “The Grass is Always Greener —Over the Septic Tank!” I can see in … Continue reading

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Let God Empty You of Needless Things

I bought a bigger purse so I’d have room for everything. Trouble is everything I need goes to the bottom of the huge purse! I finally got tired of digging through everything to find one small item I needed. One … Continue reading

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Are You on a Tightrope Walk of Faith?

I ran over to my daughters’ house Sunday night to watch the tightrope walk of Nik Wallenda across the Grand Canyon. For a person who is afraid of heights I found it quite harrowing to watch. I’ve also been to … Continue reading

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