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Your Strength is From God Himself!

Two of our grandsons spent the night with us last night. We rented Jack the Giant Slayer.  It was pretty good but the best party of the movie was at the very end. The special affects were outstanding, the actors … Continue reading

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You’re Adoption is a Miracle!

Going to yard sales is something I don’t often get to do anymore. There just isn’t enough time to spend going from sale to sale. However, the other morning I had a few minutes to myself and went by one … Continue reading

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Is Your Walk Wearing Thin?

I have a pair of tennis shoes I really love. They have always been very comfortable. Problem is they are starting to wear thin. I didn’t realize how thin they were until I was walking down my driveway to the … Continue reading

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It All Belongs to Him!

I went in for just a moment the other morning to say hello to my across the street grandkids before I headed to work. We visited for a moment but time flew by and I had to head for my … Continue reading

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God is Faithful and That’s the Truth

I bought a movie for my hubby for Father’s Day. Since he loves sci-fi I thought I’d get him a new one with a cast of great actors. About 8:30 last night we settled in to watch it. Not far … Continue reading

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