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Wishing or Walking?

I saw two of the largest loads of hay I’ve ever seen while driving to work. Two semis full of huge round bales. Reminds me of the old wives’ tale my mother used to subscribe to: “Make a wish on … Continue reading

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God Will Mend it and Give You a Ministry for Him

She called our office looking for help. The garbage men had delivered her monthly supply of  trash bags, which are in a large roll.  The only problem was that they threw it into her yard and broke off a shrub … Continue reading

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You CAN Walk in FREEDOM!

We watched a rerun of King Kong the other day. The newest version really shows the gorilla as a fierce creature much more realistic than the 1930’s version. His fierceness was overshadowed only by his strength.  Yet for all his … Continue reading

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Feeling Like a Chipped Teacup? There’s Hope! Psalm 103:4

My parents were coffee drinkers extraordinaire. The pot was on before 5 am every morning and didn’t get turned off until late in the evening, sometimes midnight. My dad kept his mug, a thick café style white one, on the … Continue reading

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Is that Your Father Calling You?

Observing three small grandchildren across the street I see that they often have a hearing problem. They don’t hear their mother when she calls them to supper, calls them to come in or calls them to get back in their … Continue reading

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