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Making Any New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s New Year’s Eve. We’re on the brink of a place and time we’ve never been. One of the things people like to do to make the year more exciting is formulate a few resolutions. Resolutions are intended to help … Continue reading

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UTurns Permitted in God’s Plan of Grace

The local primary school has volunteers and assistants who walk children from the car drop off points to the school.  This makes for safety because there are many parents driving through in 3 lanes each morning.  Dropping off one of … Continue reading

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Wishing or Walking?

I saw two of the largest loads of hay I’ve ever seen while driving to work. Two semis full of huge round bales. Reminds me of the old wives’ tale my mother used to subscribe to: “Make a wish on … Continue reading

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Did You Know You’re One of God’s Favorites?

Yesterday one of our daughters posted photos having fun time with her middle child in the beautiful weather.  The other two were occupied elsewhere for a change.  That reminded me of my own three. I tried to spend a little … Continue reading

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Life is Fragile! Follow the Lord and Trust Him

As kids, both Danny and I participated in drills during the school day. Among them were the fire drill, tornado drills and even atomic bomb drills. We were urged to listen to our teacher and follow her instructions quickly and … Continue reading

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