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UTurns Permitted in God’s Plan of Grace

The local primary school has volunteers and assistants who walk children from the car drop off points to the school.  This makes for safety because there are many parents driving through in 3 lanes each morning.  Dropping off one of … Continue reading

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Time to Go Mining for the Depths of God’s Word

We watched a show yesterday afternoon about prospecting for gemstones. It was pretty exciting to watch them dig and dig through what seemed like only rocks and dirt just to observe their excitement upon finding the “mother lode”. One moment … Continue reading

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Your Roots Grow Strong When You’re on the Rock

As the leaves begin to change colors and fall from the trees, the cragginess of the local mountains is exposed. Much of what we see is almost pure rock. I am amazed at how a tree can grow in such … Continue reading

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Don’t Venture Out into Your Troubles Alone

We had five wonderful visitors spend the night with us last night. From the age of 15 down to 2, they were delightful. Once they were all asleep I was ready to relax myself. Some were in the bed upstairs, … Continue reading

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Rest Area Ahead – Please Pull Over

With a smart phone, which most people have now, you can do just about everything. You can order a meal, buy an outfit, listen to music, keep in contact with friends, take pictures, work from home, type a letter, talk … Continue reading

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