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At Some Point You Will Have to Trust God

My dad was a whole lot of fun. But at the same time he was a no nonsense father. When I asked him for something or permission to go somewhere he would give it fair thought. But once he said … Continue reading

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Let Go of that Doorknob!

  Our house is built in such a way that if we’re not careful when we close our door it really slams and it slams loudly! But it seems you can’t be careful enough, because although it’s happened before, I … Continue reading

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God Wants Your Heart First

Marriage can be a wonderful picture of our relationship with Christ. If the marriage, the courtship, the relationship is full of the gifts of the Spirit, it’s easy to return that love. When Danny asked me out he didn’t call … Continue reading

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God Knows Your Best Route

Before we even go out for our trips on the motorcycle, Danny checks the fluid levels, the tire pressure and the brakes.  Once we get on he adjusts things for the best view and for wind, bug and road hazard … Continue reading

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Drop Every Restraint and Take Every Chance with God!

Our 3 year old grandson, Caleb loves to play on my phone. When I enter the room he walks up to me with the sweetest face and says, “I want to pay you pone”. Sometimes I let him. Other times … Continue reading

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