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Are You Learning Your Lines from the Right Script?

You may think I’m an early bird, but I’ve been watching some of the Hallmark Christmas movies already. I love everything about Christmas – the tinsel, the glitter, the scents and the sounds. I also love all the various Christmas … Continue reading

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Check the Mailbox of God’s Love

Where I work I deal with loads of mail generated from our office. From soil samples to manure samples to water samples. There are fact sheets and information brochures along with flyers and newsletters and reports. Lots of mail. We … Continue reading

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God is Faithful and That’s Enough to Go to Him

When I was a little girl, my dad sent a check with me each Monday morning to school. The check paid for lunch and milk. Faithfully I deposited the check with the teacher and went through the lunch line daily.  … Continue reading

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Worn Out Getting Ready for the Day? Rest in Him!

Wow, just a few more days till Christmas!  If you’re like me, there are still quite a few things to do to get ready for the day.  I keep thinking I need to add an arrangement to a table, an … Continue reading

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Frustrations? Run to the Lord Who Can Handle it For You.

Not long ago I found myself fuming about something. I can honestly say I don’t remember what it was, but I remember the outcome. It was a week that had been unusually tiring. By Friday, that tiredness was turning into … Continue reading

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