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Your Choices or God’s Choices? What an Opportunity!

Let God choose. You’ve chosen before. You’ve chosen your own way, your own desires, your own plans, your own ministry, your own jobs, hobbies, etc. Some of those things were okay. Some turned out pretty good. Other things didn’t go … Continue reading

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Are You Learning Your Lines from the Right Script?

You may think I’m an early bird, but I’ve been watching some of the Hallmark Christmas movies already. I love everything about Christmas – the tinsel, the glitter, the scents and the sounds. I also love all the various Christmas … Continue reading

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Let God Take the Lead

Over the years Danny tried to teach me how to drive my own motorcycle. Disastrous is probably too hard a word but none of the times were pretty.  The last time he tired he put me on in the front … Continue reading

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Oh Student of Faith Let God Teach You!

I am amazed when I think of all the teachers I’ve had in my life. Of course my parents were my first teachers. Then there were special family members growing up. They all taught about family, love, forgiveness, acceptance and … Continue reading

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Feasting on the Manna is So Fulfilling

Danny and I don’t cook like we used to. When we had children at home, fresh meals daily were on the table for their benefit as well as ours. As part time jobs and band and ballgames and dates took … Continue reading

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