God Holds All Your Tomorrows in His Hands

An old friend tried to contact me last night. At first I didn’t realize who it was. Danny and I have had an awesome Christmas holiday, full of family, friends and faith.  It has been wonderful! Even with the poor weather, slick roads and continual dampness, nothing has dampened our time off. Nothing that is until I was reading a friend’s post on the fiscal cliff, the state of our nation and the terrible situation we are in. 

About that time I heard a knock on my heart’s door. It was that old friend that I used to consider quite close.  Something about this old friend used to make me feel cozy. Well, at least cozy as long as I didn’t go anywhere, didn’t share anything and didn’t try to break through to victory.  I thought the two of us had it made – I would keep to myself and with the help of his assistance I’d be safe and comfortable.

But God showed me one day that this was no friend.  Instead of being a friend, he was actually a nemesis from the pit.  You’re probably wondering if you know him. You’re trying to figure it out by now.

My old “friend” was Fear. Regardless of how he tried to speak to me, he will try to pull out the stops on anyone he can in any way he can. Fear will seek to keep you at home, keep you in bondage, keep you worrying about the wrong things. He’ll help you major on the minors and try to keep you completely overlooking the truth about your life. Fear says “you don’t have enough money”, “you won’t make it”, “you’ve done wrong too long”, “you better quit”. Ever hear those phrases?  How about, “God doesn’t care you”, “you’re all alone”, “nobody loves you”. 

Like other old friends, Fear likes to show up after you’ve had a wonderful time in Jesus, after a victorious moment in your faith walk, after you share Jesus, after you forgive the unforgiveable or as you begin leaning on God more than ever.

His desire is the same as His father – to kill, steal and destroy.  He is the king of trouble, the prince of darkness and the jailer of  the dungeons of the heart.

Just about time I felt the old chill of fear settling into my bones, I heard the Savior whisper to my heart. Go get up and write about this. For others are getting the same visit and they need to know not to answer the call. Tell them to let Me answer. And tell them to recall the Truth they have been learning and to act on My Truth instead of Fear’s lies.  

Oh beloved! I cannot tell you all about tomorrow, but I can tell you Who holds all your tomorrows in His hands! The Lord says to you this morning that He loves you! And, because He loves you He makes all things beautiful in His time. He is the repairer of the breech. He is your Alpha and Omega. He is the One Who feeds you, clothes you, keeps you and cares for you all the days of your life. He is the One who forgives you, redeems you, and renews you. He grants you unending hope, everlasting courage and joy beyond measure! Run to Him this morning and watch as Fear walks away, for fear cannot stand when the King of the Universe steps in!  Rejoice for your foes are vanquished when you look into your Savior’s wonderful face!

Revelation 22:13  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.

Philippians 4:6, 7  Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. AMP

Proverbs 3:5-7 Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight orunderstanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.AMP

Phippians 4:19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.  Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

1 John 4:18  Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced His perfect love.

Hebrews 12:1-2 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.

About Rebekah Beene

In a Women’s meeting in 1983, I went up for prayer and to see if God had “anything for me”. The woman of God who was praying for people spoke over my life. She said these words: “You will write books. You can go to the bank on it. Rivers of living water will flow from your belly…”
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