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You Are Created to do what only You Can Do

As Danny left early one morning for work I noticed a small brown smudge on the storm door.  As we prayed for one another at the door and he walked out he turned and bent down to inspect the smudge.  … Continue reading

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God Wants Your Heart First

Marriage can be a wonderful picture of our relationship with Christ. If the marriage, the courtship, the relationship is full of the gifts of the Spirit, it’s easy to return that love. When Danny asked me out he didn’t call … Continue reading

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God’s Care Plan for you is Out of This World

We’ve had our car serviced a couple of times already. With our 10,000 mile service we got our tires rotated and the oil changed as well as the usual maintenance checkup. Danny discovered when he returned home that the technician … Continue reading

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Everything God Does is Done for Love

Our Stella is so funny. She has the cutest mannerisms. I love watching her watch videos on her mother’s phone. She lays it down and then wiggles and turns and puts her face right up to the screen. She watches … Continue reading

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I AM that I AM Has Wonderful Plans for You!

I remember from most of my teacher friends that lesson plans are a real bone of contention. I don’t understand what all is involved but yesterday I noticed a friend posted on social media that she had lost a thousand … Continue reading

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