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Plummeting Temps and Troubles Are No Problem for God

Overnight the temperatures in our area plummeted to depths we haven’t seen in quite some time.  There is such a chill factor that warnings abound against the dangers of getting out in the weather unprotected.  Extra precautions are needed. We … Continue reading

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Looking for Comfort? Go No Further than the Lord

Yesterday evening we delivered our granddaughter and her friend to a huge youth event. After helping serve supper to about 800 of those youth, we went to our motel room in town to settle in for the night. I actually … Continue reading

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There Are Always Mountains to Climb

Hiking and exploring has been one of our favorite pastimes. Some of our best family trips have been to climb mountains and walk beneath waterfalls. We love exploring nature and the outdoors. Arkansas has some of the best destinations for … Continue reading

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No Panic in Heaven Even When You Feel Stuck

Our youngest granddaughter Stella does not like her car seat.  She’s a bit of a Houdini and can wriggle herself out of anything less than a fully buckled in contraption.  Given a long enough ride in the car and she … Continue reading

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Been Through the Wringer?

My Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bill lived in a small house on the property with the fire tower he worked at.  The house didn’t have running water until I was about 8 years old.  She had one of those old … Continue reading

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