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The flowers in our yard are suddenly bursting forth everywhere. From the daffodils to the lantana, colorful proof that spring has sprung wave in the warming breezes. Those flowering hosts were dormant just a few weeks ago. Winter seemed to … Continue reading

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The Hopeless Situation is Not

Last night as I was reading a friend’s post on social media I noticed a familiar name in a page he had shared. I clicked the link and sure enough it was the daughter of an old friend. She has … Continue reading

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Disaster House or Christ Built House?

Disaster House highlights home remodeling the “wrong way”.  The episode I watched showed them pulling out a load bearing wall by hitching the wall to a set of Clydesdale horses through a window. The horses pulled that wall down without … Continue reading

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God Hears

Our pastor shared about giving blood this week-end. He and his wife usually go to Hope to give blood since it’s the closest place. But this time they went to a blood drive in Hot Springs, which is 75 miles … Continue reading

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Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

I’ve noticed something about kids. They pick up words and habits so easily when they’re little.  I remember the time that our pastor was kneeling down front at church.  Our grandson Blake might have been three and he slipped out … Continue reading

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