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It’s Time to Rise and Shine!

“Rise and Shine” is a phrase I heard often as a child. My dad would wake me up every morning singing reveille and saying those words.  As a little girl, I was delighted to be woken up that way. As … Continue reading

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God Will Always Shine His Light for you in the Night

Family gatherings always bring memories of childhood past. My brother and one of my cousins were talking about being afraid of the dark.  Johnny shared that he spent the night with someone when he was about 8 years old and … Continue reading

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Hard Places? Trust Him!

As I woke up from election night I looked at Danny’s minister’s license and ordination papers in their frames on the wall.  I recall many years of seeking God and following His plan. Along the way there were always people … Continue reading

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In the Dark? Learn to Carry the Light with You!

It’s been a great week. There’s been some of the most awesome preaching ever. We’ve had excellent fellowship with wonderful friends. We’ve made new friendships as well. We’ve had truth sown into our lives and we’ve sown truth into others’ … Continue reading

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You Will Find Your True Value in God’s Word

I love definitions. I like to look up synonyms and antonyms. I guess you could say I love words. To me they paint pictures that the heart can see. Definitions are incredibly important.  Without the proper usage of words, we … Continue reading

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