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Disaster House or Christ Built House?

Disaster House highlights home remodeling the “wrong way”.  The episode I watched showed them pulling out a load bearing wall by hitching the wall to a set of Clydesdale horses through a window. The horses pulled that wall down without … Continue reading

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Let’s Learn to "Sow"

My mother was a real seamstress. I know I’ve talked about that before. But this morning as she came to my mind I thought about her life and how she really did do a lot of sewing.  In her early … Continue reading

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What Storm Are you Going Through?

Our hearts are grieving for the people who live in the Philippines. One of our friends has a daughter and family who have built an orphanage there. Fortunately their area was virtually untouched by the typhoon. That in itself was … Continue reading

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Don’t Venture Out into Your Troubles Alone

We had five wonderful visitors spend the night with us last night. From the age of 15 down to 2, they were delightful. Once they were all asleep I was ready to relax myself. Some were in the bed upstairs, … Continue reading

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No Government Shut Down with Jesus Ever!

  Danny cousin and her husband have wanted to visit the Grand Canyon for many years. They left home Saturday to head that way in their motorhome.  This morning he sent out word that the Grand Canyon has been “shut … Continue reading

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