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Being Attacked by the Why’s of Life?

Some things about kids never change. One of those eternal things is asking  “Why?”  You ask a child to come inside and they will ask why. Tell them to get ready for bed they will ask why. Tell them to … Continue reading

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Need Anything? Step Up to Jehovah Jireh’s Provision!

Yesterday someone snapped a photo of two friends and I. We were working together at breakfast. What you don’t see when you look at the photo is that I’m just a person who came in to help fill the plates … Continue reading

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You Are So Very Precious To God! Come and See…

As a young girl I went to more A.A. meetings than church services. Some would be aghast at that fact, yet I learned a lot about God at those meetings. I learned the Lord’s Prayer and could recite God’s Word … Continue reading

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