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Who’s Opening Doors for You?

One of my cousins was talking about selling books in Kentucky in the 60’s. One summer he went out there to walk door to door and sell Bibles, reference books and more. He talked about one particular town where every … Continue reading

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It is In the Giving Away that We find Real Joy

To make extra spending money when I was little, my mother crocheted doilies. I’m talking about the huge triple ruffled kind that was stiff starched and prominently displayed all over the house. She crocheted with tiny needles and fine thread. … Continue reading

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Are You Struggling With Changes? Hide in the Shelter of His Word!

With the arrival of good rain and under 100 degree temps some of my flowers are blooming again.  Among them are what my mother called surprise lilies. You know the red spider looking flowers that produce first then the leaves … Continue reading

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It is In the Heights that We Really Learn to Know Him

As I was looking at the photos taken of our recent ride to Petit Jean I was reminded of what a daring man I married! Several photos were taken, not only by me, but others that showed him on top … Continue reading

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You’re life is Amazing when Given to Him!

The first time I laid eyes on Danny was after I had car trouble.  I was walking to my aunt’s house to get help and he was sitting at his pasture gate in the old panel wagon he drove.  He … Continue reading

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