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Rest Area Ahead – Please Pull Over

With a smart phone, which most people have now, you can do just about everything. You can order a meal, buy an outfit, listen to music, keep in contact with friends, take pictures, work from home, type a letter, talk … Continue reading

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You Are Favored and Protected

It started out with two little sleepy eyed boys showing up on my doorstep before work. They came in and played while I finished getting ready for work. Long story short, our biggest little boy was supposed to be getting … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation? Not From God…

Our pastor was talking Sunday about the drop in attendance at church which usually occurs in the summer with all the vacations and fun times people partake of during those couple of months, it gets easy after missing a Sunday … Continue reading

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Step into God’s Presence and Enjoy His Love

With one daughter living right across the street, I get to say bye to Blake every morning before he heads to school.  Yesterday morning as I was watching for him to get in the truck with his dad, I saw … Continue reading

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Stop Snacking and Start Feasting!

Lately our grandson Blake hasn’t been eating much at mealtime. He’s pretty worn out from pre-K school and he rarely wants to quit playing just for a plate of food! A very active 4 year old that boy is.  The … Continue reading

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