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This is the Ride of Your Life!

I have always wanted to ride a scenic train. Hopefully this summer will be my opportunity. We have plans for just that. I know that this type of train travels on the edges of rivers, winds through mountains and dips … Continue reading

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Looking For Change?

Brother, Can you Spare a Dime was an old song sung during the Depression era when people valued and prayed for every nickel and dime they had. Even though there’s a big push towards a cashless society, we still like … Continue reading

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Time Flies – How’s Your Conversation Skills?

My family on my mother’s side is planning a reunion. One of my cousins has taken on the task and I’m so grateful to her. It’s a monumental effort to find a place, figure out the feeding of people and … Continue reading

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God’s Love is Your Perfect Christmas Gift!

A Charlie Brown Christmas came to mind last night as I read a friend’s post. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, everyone who’s ever seen the little 30 minute kid’s movie knows that Charlie Brown’s tree was absolutely pitiful! It was … Continue reading

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Got Burdens? Let Jesus Lift Them From You!

My friend Kathy raises donkeys. They are magnificent! I know you’re thinking, donkeys? Magnificent? But these are no ordinary donkeys. They have special papers and names. They are a breed fit for the show ring. Most donkeys are considered mere … Continue reading

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