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Were You On a Roll?

As I reached into the deep recesses of my purse to find the office key a penny fell out. I bent to pick it up but it was rolling. So I followed it! It kept rolling until it hit a … Continue reading

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God Says You’re on the Winning Team!

Remember the days of picking kids to be on teams? We wanted the best to hold the line, throw the ball, jump the rope and more. There were the ones that were always picked last. It was hard because kids … Continue reading

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Is Anything Too Difficult for God?

My husband is the handiest man I’ve ever known. He can just about fix anything. He can make broken things run again. He can repair just about anything, from broken toys to broken vehicles.  We’ve had motorcycle blow-outs and he’s … Continue reading

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Need Help? Jesus Will Always Answer Your Call.

As the buzzer is pressed, the nurse’s station replies, “May I help you?” We’ve been sitting with Danny’s aunt and visiting with family for a couple of days now. Each time we call for nurses the response is the same. … Continue reading

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Are You Hungry and Thirsty This Morning?

In the 40’s Automats were the rage in big cities. Automats were cafetrias where rotating vending machines of fresh food and beverages were purchased. Slip in a nickel and you’d get a fresh slice of delicious pie. Slip in a … Continue reading

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