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At Some Point You Will Have to Trust God

My dad was a whole lot of fun. But at the same time he was a no nonsense father. When I asked him for something or permission to go somewhere he would give it fair thought. But once he said … Continue reading

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Double Vision? God’s Word will Clear That Right Up!

What a beautiful day yesterday was! As I worked through the morning I discovered that my vision was getting blurry. I think the strain of sitting at the computer to enter data for 4H youth might have started it, but … Continue reading

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Trust God and Let Go!

Watching Stella yesterday it’s amazing how much she’s grown and changed. She’s become a genuine toddler and definitely coming into the two year old stage of getting into everything and saying no a lot! She’s learning to take risks and … Continue reading

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Wondering How You Got Here? Turn and Follow God

Our son in law works for a company that builds highways. He mostly oversees the pavement mixes. He carries around huge cylinders of the asphalt and checks to see if it’s the right consistency and sets up correctly. As we … Continue reading

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