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Running From God or With Him?

Do you remember playing chase when you were a child? I sure do. In fact it seems like we ran pretty much all day. Run downstairs. Run outside. Run to the neighbor’s house. Run to run, just for the fun … Continue reading

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In His Presence is Your Peace!

Decorating cakes is one of my favorite things to do, especially for my grandkids. Although I’m not really an artist, I do get artistic pleasure from creating a “masterpiece” of icing and cake mix. I admit sometimes I am “under … Continue reading

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Step into God’s Presence and Enjoy His Love

With one daughter living right across the street, I get to say bye to Blake every morning before he heads to school.  Yesterday morning as I was watching for him to get in the truck with his dad, I saw … Continue reading

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He Speaks Blessings if You Take the Time

I enjoy getting up early. Before the sun begins to peak through the tops of the trees and all is quiet. Especially when it’s a work day – I enjoy the quiet time before the hustle and bustle of getting … Continue reading

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Living on a Hamster Wheel? Meet With Jesus First.

Yesterday I found myself thinking I was meeting myself coming and going. It’s just so important to me to have time to sit and ponder without feeling that I must be doing something. Yet often doing things takes over. I … Continue reading

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