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Under His Wings is Your Refuge

I have always loved chickens. From the time as a little girl watching my uncle feed them to being an adult and having a few of my own.  A friend of my parents gave my kids a bantam hen and … Continue reading

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There is One Who Will Always Listen

  Remember back in the day when the large discount stores would have blue light and red light specials?  Someone would speak into the intercom, “Attention customers, blue light special in aisle 7” or some such call to action.  Sure … Continue reading

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Feeling Alone? Run to El Roi – The God Who Sees You

Dogs have always been a big part of my life. Although we don’t have one anymore, Danny and I both grew up with them.  One of my favorite dogs actually belonged to my aunt and uncle. His name was Tyke … Continue reading

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Are You Traveling Alone?

Last week-end we decided to take a leisurely ride with another couple. Neither of us have much free time to ride, but Saturday morning came and we met to eat breakfast together and decide what we were going to do. … Continue reading

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