It’s Raining!

It seems l770c5-ohbelovedbookcoverike it always wants to rain on the first day of school. This year is no exception. It’s pouring down this morning! The old saying is it’s raining cats and dogs. Children all over the county are headed to their new season of learning and making new friends. What a glorious time for young people! Praying all of them are safe and have a wonderful day, especially our grandchildren.

Oh beloved, God wants you to know this morning it’s beginning to rain! You’ve been in a dry season but God is opening new learning opportunities for you this very day. It’s a brand new season full of wonder and blessings, teaching and gaining insights. There will be new acquaintances and alignments as well. God has brought you through and now He’s taking you in to His classroom again. This is good stuff beloved! Don’t be afraid to enter in. What you thought you knew proved to carry some sorrow. But God is reviving your heart and giving you a wise mind that will absorb the spiritual like never before! You’re going to the head of the class! You’re becoming gifted and talented in ways you never dreamed! What was a season of fear, worry, trouble and dust is now raining full throttle for Kingdom teaching and Father God is taking you by the hand. Holy Spirit is guarding your heart and mind and a heavenly host of warring angels are assisting you all the way!

You’ve asked God to remove those things that weigh you down and now you walk with a spiritual backpack of His wisdom, power and love! While the natural rain wants to ruin new shoes and get everyone muddy, this rain of the Father is going to increase your authority and keep your steps higher than ever!

God loves you and He’s for you! No more tears and no more fears! The lying liar has met his end for you are teachable and you’re ready to kick the devil to the curb. He cannot enter in with you but Holy Spirit has entered into your heart and mind to give you the mind of wisdom far beyond your best hopes. Rejoice in this new season as you live, move and have your being in the wonderful Teachings of the Only Living God!

Proverbs 2:6 For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding..

Luke 21:15 for I will give you the right words and such wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to reply or refute you!

Jeremiah 1:9 Then the LORD stretched out His hand and touched my mouth, and the LORD said to me, “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.

Isaiah 54:13 All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.

John 6:45 As it is written in the Scriptures, ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from Him comes to Me.

About rebekahbeene

In a Women’s meeting in 1983, I went up for prayer and to see if God had “anything for me”. The woman of God who was praying for people spoke over my life. She said these words: “You will write books. You can go to the bank on it. Rivers of living water will flow from your belly…”
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