When Things Are Unraveling

tie me close

This past weekend I was at a women’s conference. I so enjoyed sharing God’s love with the women who attended. We had great fellowship and even made some crafts. One craft was decorated flip flops. We took strips of cloth and tied them on the tops of the flip flops for decoration. As each strip was tied the material unraveled just a bit. The unraveling process was meant to happen and was part of the overall outcome for adornment.

Oh beloved, maybe you feel that your life is unraveling. Things you held dear are fragmenting from your life. You’re not sure what is happening but you want to fix it all. Hold on just a little longer. The greatest moments of your faith walk are yet to come! God is allowing certain things to unravel with purpose. You are stepping into the next level of faith with Him. As some things unravel, God will bind you to Himself, even closer than ever before. You want things to stay neat and tidy. God wants to position you so that you rely on Him more than anything else in the world. Don’t try to hang onto the strings of yesterday and the strips of what you once held dear. He won’t allow the enemy to steal one thing from you, but He will cause you to care less about the neatness of life and more about the ultimate outcome as you live closer and closer to Him.

God loves you and He’s for you. You are a beautiful decoration of His love and grace. As you live with a view to the ultimate purpose of loving Him with all your heart, mind and soul – He will give you a blessed life. He will take the unraveled edges and create new adornment and others will want to know the secret of your peace and joy. Live loved, trust Him completely and watch as He refashions you into a showcase of glory as you live in the Light of His ever closer presence all the days of your life.

Psalm 118:17 I will not die; instead, I will live to tell what the LORD has done.

Psalm 73:28 But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, That I may tell of all Your works.

Psalm 71:7 I have become a sign to many; You are my strong refuge.

Job 13:15 Though He slay me, I will hope in Him…

Habakkuk 3:18 yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.

About rebekahbeene

In a Women’s meeting in 1983, I went up for prayer and to see if God had “anything for me”. The woman of God who was praying for people spoke over my life. She said these words: “You will write books. You can go to the bank on it. Rivers of living water will flow from your belly…”
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