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In the Dark? God Wants to Light Your Way!

I woke up in the night to find that the electricity is off in our neighborhood. It’s dark out! Not even a street light has been left on. Diona texted me to see if I was awake. She said Blake … Continue reading

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Pest Problems? Let Christ Be Your Remedy

When we returned home from the CMA Rally last week, we found that we had ants on the kitchen cabinets, lady bugs on the ceilings and moths were hanging here and there.  There was also a big spider web in … Continue reading

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God is On Your Side and He Adores You!

  My father was an independent man. He left home at age 16 and joined the Navy. He visited home occasionally but never returned to stay. I was born when he was 56 years old. He had traveled the world … Continue reading

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Rescued to Live Loved Forever!

My grandchildren love super heroes! There are so many to watch. Movies to cartoons have the characters that come to the rescue, help the distressed and deliver the captives.  They also do their best to destroy the bad guys.  Super … Continue reading

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You Can Trust God When You’re "Done"

Children’s Hospital was the location for two year old Caleb’s procedure last week.  They were not looking forward to him being put to sleep. It also concerned them because he has separation anxiety – he never wants to be away … Continue reading

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