Don’t Sweep It Under the Rug – Give it to the Lord

Blake announced to his mother that Monday was his last day of school.  He no longer wants to go. She asked him to elaborate. He asked her if she remembered him telling her he missed her during nap time the first week? She said she remembered and then he said, “I don’t want to miss you again”.  They had a great time spending 4 days at Iron Mountain CMA Campground.  Out of his usual routine he wasn’t sure he wanted to return to the daily grind.

Again on Tuesday he reminded her that he was finished with school. Nap time bothers him. He says that’s when he misses her the most.  I told his mother that it was probably because it got quiet.  In the rush of playing, working and eating, there’s no time to think about missing his mother or any other problems he has.

We’re like that aren’t we? We have issues. So we get busy. There, like sweeping dirt under the rug, it’s gone again.  We have a problem so we get busier. We’re reminded of hurts, so we try our best to avoid that hurtful thought.  That mound of dirt underneath the rug of our lives gets larger and larger until we can long longer stuff it down, or beat it away. But in the quiet we are forced to review the things that bother us.

Oh beloved, God is speaking into your life this morning and He says Don’t fear the past, the troubles, those things which disappoint, discourage or depress you – I have gone with you.  Don’t fear the present, I am now with you and I will stay with you. There’s no need to fear what’s yet to come for I have gone ahead of you to give you hope and a future.  I AM your spiritual antidote for what ails your heart. I care more about your heart condition than you can imagine and I will heal it for you!

Run to the Lord this morning and open His Book of Healing! Remember always that this amazing book, written by the hand of the One Who loves you and put the stars in orbit, contains everything you need for your past, for your present and for your future! His love and His mercy have come to give you a fresh start for your day and a fresh anointing for your ministry. It’s time to let the Lord have every problem and move on with Him as He gives you His ministry of reconciliation as He reconciles you to Him. He loves you with total abandon and He’s for you forever and that’s truly all that really matters!

Psalm 119:28  I weep with sorrow; encourage me by Your word.

Psalm 119:172  Let my tongue sing about your word, for all your commands are right.

John 17:17 Make them holy by Your Truth; teach them Your Word, which is truth.

Isaiah 58:8  “Then your salvation will come like the dawn, and your wounds will quickly heal. Your godliness will lead you forward, and the glory of the LORD will protect you from behind.

Psalm 28:7  The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Psalm 118:15  Songs of joy and victory are sung in the camp of the godly. The strong right arm of the LORD has done glorious things!

Deuteronomy 31:8 Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.

About rebekahbeene

In a Women’s meeting in 1983, I went up for prayer and to see if God had “anything for me”. The woman of God who was praying for people spoke over my life. She said these words: “You will write books. You can go to the bank on it. Rivers of living water will flow from your belly…”
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