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You Are God’s Beautiful Treasure!

When we were young, it was fun to pick up coke bottles along the road for extra money.  They were all glass back then and you could redeem them for cash. It didn’t take long to have enough change to … Continue reading

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Nothing to Fear When You’re Looking into the Father’s Eyes

Stella is learning to be a toddler. Sometimes she will take a step or two on her own. But most of the time she likes to hang onto someone’s finger with one hand. She’s little yet, so her mother gets … Continue reading

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You Are So Very Precious To God! Come and See…

As a young girl I went to more A.A. meetings than church services. Some would be aghast at that fact, yet I learned a lot about God at those meetings. I learned the Lord’s Prayer and could recite God’s Word … Continue reading

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Need a Friend? Jesus is a Friend Always!

Danny and I both have been especially blessed to have good friends all of our lives. We’re both still friends with people we went to elementary school with. We still have acquaintances from those who were friends with our parents.  … Continue reading

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Are You Struggling With Changes? Hide in the Shelter of His Word!

With the arrival of good rain and under 100 degree temps some of my flowers are blooming again.  Among them are what my mother called surprise lilies. You know the red spider looking flowers that produce first then the leaves … Continue reading

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